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Years ago, I owned a small Craft and Collectible store in Tomball, Tx.  I rented space out to various vendors.  One of my vendors made angel pins that were beautifully displayed in a big glass counter.  My mom was getting ready to retire and was in town visiting.  While we were working at the shop one day, I noticed my mom had an intense interest in the angel pin display.  She was really inspecting them closely.  I asked her what was up and she had this most astonishing look on her face, I will never forget as she said “I can do this.”  So, she headed home and hit the garage sales for used and broken costume jewelry, brought it home and started tearing it apart and cleaning it and reconstructing the pieces into beautiful angels.  She took the angels to craft shows all around and they were a huge hit.  Customers would repeatedly ask her to replicate angel pins, but she had no way of doing that, as each one was uniquely crafted from old worn out jewelry.  More and more people were asking her to duplicate her angel pins, so she got busy researching where she could buy parts, so that she could replicate the angel pins.

That is how our angel pin business began.  As Mom got busier and busier, she asked me and my sister to help.  We each had full time jobs at the time and children and husbands to care for, so we couldn’t put all of our time in to the angel pins, but we were able to help her with the big orders.  As I began to see how Mom’s business was growing and realizing the sentimental value and in many cases, the emotional support these angel pins were capable of, I began to dream of opening my own angel pin business.  I slowly started to build my own angel pin business and find my own customers.  Once my business was off the ground, I quit my day job and began to concentrate on building the business to what it is today.

This was back in the ’90′s when angel pins were all the rage.  Everyone was wearing angel pins.  We thought it was just a fad and would pass, and it did, but our business continued to grow!  and we were having a great time.  You see, our angel pins have meaning.  The majority of our angel pins are designed as memorial angel pins, in other words, they are designed in memory of someone that has died.  These are not your average angel pins, they are keepsakes, memories, a way of keeping you close to your loved ones during the devastating grief.  They help you keep your faith and are constant reminders that our loved ones are still with us.

Our angel pins are used for different purposes.  One of the most common use is as a fundraiser for various organizations such as “Relay for Life”, various grief groups, churches, hospitals, schools, research organizations, lost and exploited children organizations, scholarship funds and much, much more.  But above all, the angel pins are extraordinary gifts.

I started this blog several years ago and used it to share some of the awesome “Angel Stories” that I received through e-mail, but those same stories were published on my web-site with a picture of the Angel Pin, so I didn’t get a lot of use from this blog.  Today, I have decided to use this blog to write articles about the groups and organizations that use the angel pins and the rich rewards the angel pins provide.

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We feel very blessed to have this angel pin business and consider it a ministry of sorts.  It’s amazing to realize that a little angel pin could mean so much to someone and be so cherished.  It fills my heart with joy when my customers e-mail me with their reaction when they receive their angel pin or how their loved one reacted when the angel pin was presented to them as a gift.